Sunday Classes

Sunday Classes

Time: 11am - 12pm
Cost: $10 drop-in fee | Free for supporting members

Everyone is welcome!

Breaking the Chain of Karma

Our capacity for transformation is extraordinary. Understanding karma gives us the power to change our lives. By understanding that our happiness comes from our positive thoughts and actions, and our unhappiness from our hurtful thoughts and actions, we are given the tools to redirect our lives.

Buddha’s teachings on karma explain the relationship between our mind, our actions and our experiences. Although we may have heard of karma and have a feeling for what it means, do we still hurt others through our words and actions? If so, perhaps we are still not sure about karma? The purpose of understanding and believing in karma is to prevent future suffering and to establish the basic foundation for the path to liberation and enlightenment.

Feb 7 – Understanding Karma
Feb 14 – How karma works
Feb 21 – Every Action has Power
Feb 28 – Purifying our Bad Karma

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Overcoming Anger & Frustration

Stress, irritation, frustration and anger are common experiences in modern life. These painful states of mind can easily arise when we encounter ​challenging situations and difficult people.​  If anger is not recognized early on it becomes a poison that destroys our happiness and ​interferes with our relationships.

This 4-week series will introduce several ​methods for​ recognizing, reducing and finally ​removing this destructive habit from our mind, helping us to experience the peace and freedom that we all long for.

Everyone welcome!

Mar 7 – The disadvantages of becoming angry
Mar 14 – The root causes of anger
Mar 21 – Practical methods on how to overcome our anger
Mar 28 – How to practice in our daily life

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Life, the Universe and Everything

“There is no creator other than the mind.” – Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Profound teachings on the relationship between the mind, death, and karma. Investigate more deeply how it is that our mind creates the reality that we perceive and how it is possible, through this understanding, to accomplish liberation from suffering and the state of enlightenment.

Everyone welcome!

Apr 4 – Our true nature
Apr 11 – The connection between our mind & death
Apr 18 – The science of our thoughts
Apr 25 – The real meaning of our life

Life, the Universe and everything 650 x 560