We've Partnered with skip the depot

What is SkipTheDepot?  A door-to-door bottle collection service that makes refundable recycling and fundraising easy.  SkipTheDepot picks up and pays for your refundable bottles and cans.  They will pick up used clothing and old electronics free of charge as well but not currently due to Covid.

You can support your Centre by donating the funds earned to Akshobya Kadampa Buddhist Centre.  If you apply a Promo Code,  RECYCLEEASY, SkipTheDepot will give 100% of the funds to us.  How kind!  They wish to support charities with their business and create positive change. If everyone donates their refundable bottles/cans to the Buddhist Centre it can give much needed support during these tough financial times.


1.  Set-up an account, by going to: https://app.SkipTheDepot.com/Akshobya
  1. Make sure you add the Promo Code RECYCLEEASY, then press ‘apply’ so 100% of the donation goes towards your Centre.
  2. The  confirmation email asks for a minimum of 150 bottles/cartons/cans before scheduling a pickup. They will give you biodegradable bags for future pickups.  Cool!
  3. When you want to schedule a pickup, you can sign in with the above link or download the app called SkiptheDepot.
  4. Use Get Started Here to select a service:  ie Residential Pickup  It will show the Code RECYCLEEASY at the top of the page.
  5. Follow the steps to set up a pickup: your address, when, how much (Note request to put your ID on your bags) and where will the bags be? They suggest a hidden spot i.e. behind a gate at the side of the house if you won’t be home or in your garage if you will be home.
  6. The last page Want to donate? will show Akshobya Kadampa Buddhist Centre will receive your donation or if the Centre name is not there you can type the name in and add the Promo Code RECYCLEEASY at the end.

This takes some collecting, but this is a simple and easy way of supporting the Centre that everyone can contribute to.  If you know anyone with a restaurant that would like to contribute their refundable items, that would be great.  Just as many drops fill a bucket, the more people participating the greater the benefit will be.

Thank you to both SkipTheDepot and to you for your support.